Hu Ge want a stable love life

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DIVA held a press conference in Shanghai, Joey Yung, Hu Ge and Walter Chan made an appearance at the conference. In the film, Hu Ge portrait a blind masseur that have deep feelings and emotions, later he meet Joey and face challenges of love and career, but the story became real at the interview. (Love and career, which one will you chose?) Joey said: "Work first, in hope that love will become a career boost." Hu Ge said: "If it was a few years ago, I would say the same thing as Joey, but now, I would choose to follow my feelings, because in the past few years I have worked hard non-stop, but now work is quite stable. As a men, I also want a stable love life." Hu Ge also reveal: "The company does not limit my love life, I'm in no hurry to fall in love, but the company was also very anxious to see, I told them to set me up with someone. I've never been to a blind date or seen one."


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