TV Weekly Vol. 52 Featuring Hu Ge "difficult roads in life"

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Learned a new view after accident

"I see the scar in the mirror, more than other people see any photos on the internet. Then I thought, I certainly can not do what an actor can do right now. Anyways, a handsome guy after 20 years, regardless of what happens in the future, I once have been handsome. If there was no car accident, Hu Ge today might not take things lightly. Learn a view of ups and downs, cherish life, face hardship than others, and exceeding more confident."

(Let's turn the clock back to August 29, 2006 when that sudden accident happened to appear Hu Ge's path of life.) "The hardest part is not the start of acceptance but the wait for result. Doctors told me that I can restored to my original looks but only about the same. I failed to hold any hope. I even decided to give up acting, on the following time looking at other people who wish to see but can't, I tried to comfort them. Now I accept the result in reality, and looking back I feel quite brave, tried my best to look on the bright side of situations."

However with the company, family, and friends encouragements in hopes of him to make a come back. "They gave me hope, but I also believe that my goal is far away from me, but everyday I have to face this reality. The whole crew of "The Legend of the Condor Heroes" waited for me, the company stood behind me, I was very touched, but the pressure is also great and who knows how long they'll have to wait? During that time period I mainly stayhome and didn't go out."

The wait usher in desired, Hu Ge regained his confidence

"The car accident gives me the biggest change and made me more confident, it's very strange because everyone have already the ugliest look of mine, I've experience my lowest point, I can walk over these setbacks and learn from them, difficulties, and it's actually nothing than Hu's original open-minded nature." Hu always meet the most simple pleasures, encounter many difficulties in the path of life and experience, perhaps a new road of his love of life and respect for life.

Questions and Answers

Q: In rumors of "Beautiful Myth" your appearance worth up 3 times?
A: Actually, the truth is "Chinese Paladin" by now should have gone up almost 20 times. Of course, but in business when speaking of money, it best to keep low key.

Q: There are news that you have a cat or a dog?
A: Yes, in fact I've always liked cats. A very independent animals, unlike dogs that stick you, they always please you and you always feel that they are able to entertain themselves.

Q: Do you like writing, any plans of writing a book, often see you update post for fans online?
A: So you think I'm boring? In fact, I find it very interesting to interact with fans but while Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon fans that exchange views online later become friends. But they're younger and I'm a little bit older, it's fun post.

Note: I didn't translate the whole entire magazine, just parts that were interesting to me about Hu. Read the whole scan if you can in Chinese here .

Joelle: I'm happy that Hu Ge gone through those experiences and have gotten over it. I'm very happy that he's still remain in showbiz and hope he will for a long time. Someone special will turn 30 in the 20th.


Sapphire Sky said...

That was a really awesome article! I loved reading it and learning about Hu Ge's views after the accident. I'm so glad he was able to make such a great recovery after the accident. I felt just so glad nothing bad happened, cos a few actors I knew actually died in the car accidents.

BTW, I think you should allow people to repost IF they link to your page, cos then, you'd actually get more visitors! If they give you credit and link to your page, you'll find that people would want to check out your site, it will help you get a lot more traffic that way.

Joelle said...

I think that's a good idea. Thanks for the appreciation. And sure, you can repost if you needed. :)

Sapphire Sky said...

YAY so glad you think so! OMG OMG OMG I am SOOO HAPPY you posted that pic of Hu Ge with his babies!!! Can't wait to see more of your posts, it's an excitement to come here each day!

Unknown said...

3 years passed, just bumped in this, pleased to read. any more for his new raise?

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